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Our Story

Horvath Studio of Photography is recognized worldwide for artistic grace, elegance, and professionalism in the field of Portrait Photography.

Known for his creativity in portrait photography, Sam Sciarrino is an internationally known Master Photographer who effortlessly puts his clients at ease as he uniquely captures their best moments. Incredible skill and keen attention to his clients' individual tastes has resulted in a widespread reputation of providing professional work of exceptional artistic quality. Sam holds his Master Photographer Degrees from both the Canadian and American association of professional photographers. A testament the level of his professional acumen - Sam has been featured in Leading Photography magazines
and is a respected lecturer for the pro photography circuit world wide.

Sam captures his clients images in stunning detail, ensuring the highest level of quality in his photographs. To provide the quality of lighting that he demands, Sam relies on world class Nikon camera solutions.

" In the end, it is all about providing a world class product, service and experience to our clients. Knowing that, we choose our studio gear from the best, and we back it with a fantastic team of professional support staff who ensure that things run smoothly on both sides of the lens. A professionally done portrait is an experience, and we would like yours to be a memorable one. "

Sam Sciarrino
Master Photographer and Owner of Horvath Studio of Photography